Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Common Scents

I seen a young lady the other day at the beach. I was down there minding my own bizness and she showed up. After about a hour I seen she was wearing a little yellow pokadot outfit, and it's brite color and shape caught my eye. The amazing thing was its size. I never seen any thing so small. She said it was to make her more stream lined in the water and she just loved water. I said why aren't you in the water then and she said she needed to get a tan first so she'd look good in the water. She was so smart. I wish I would of thought of that. We talked a bit and then she asked me a question. Here it is. Why do you keep looking at me? I said isn't that what you want to look good for is to have something for people to look at? And she said yes but I shouldn't stare. But just then I thought of something. I said what is the difference if I look at you for six hours or a hundred men look at you for six minutes? She did not know the answer but she couldn't get what the attraction us men had for bosoms was. I was caught in a crack on that one but I said if she had more clothes on I would not look so long. What I said next must of been wrong. I said I think you wear this little thing to get me to look and if I do look I am just sposed to look a little bit but if I keep looking youll call somebody and turn me in. I heard of someone getting mad because at a basketball game or something the girl cheerleaders were upset that some men there took there pictures. If they would of wore some decent clothes they wouldn't haft to worry about being watched. Anyway, that was my last day at the beach. I haft to go now. We get an hour in the yard to play basketball. I'm learning how to dribble.


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